Double Stem Cell Powder

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Product Details:

Pack Size 200mg
Brand double stem cell
Packaging Size 200mg
Grade Standard Food Grade
Pack Size (gram) 200gm
Packaging Type Plastic Bottle
Ingredient Acai Berry Extract Blueberry Powder
Features Delays aging process Enhances health and vitality Repairs and rejuvenates cell Maintains acid-base b

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  1. There are many benefits of using Double Stem Cell. It is helpful in the cure of many defects.
  2. Boosts the immune system.
  3. Repairs cell and delayed aging.
  4. Maintains equilibrium inside a body.
  5. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Dilute spots.
  7. Anti-aging, skin whitening, toning.
  8. Keep skin fresh and moist.
  9. Makes skin healthy and beautiful.
  10. Regulates blood sugar level and blood pressure level at normal condition.
  11. Burns extra fat.
  12. Fast healing of damaged tissues.
  13. Prevents heart-related problems.
  14. Helpful in the cure of paralysis and cancer.
  15. Gives wrinkle free and glowing skin.
  16. Strengthen bones, muscles, and joints.
  17. Prevents kidney related problems.
  18. Improve skin elasticity.
  19. Improves energy level.
  20. improves mental and physical strength.
  21. Reduces the effect of degenerative diseases.
  22. Removes body pain.
  23. It can cure spinal cord-related injuries.
  24. It increases resistance against cold and various allergies.


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